For a property to appeal to a potential buyer before they have even viewed the property, the picture which accompanies the sales literature must have that ‘WOW Factor’. A Realtors Association survey showed that a captivating image is 3 times more likely to get clicked on or have information requests than those without and is a must have for nearly 90% of those surveyed . Is that a chance you can take as a real estate professional?

Ground based aerial photography provides high impact, elevated pictures which capture the location, characteristics and features of a property from 50 feet high.

Unlike traditional aerial photography, Lens Aloft Aerial Photography can capture features such as attractive landscaped gardens, water features, swimming pools, tennis courts, horse stables, etc, in one single image. The saying a ‘picture paints one thousand words’ is very true when selling property and Lens Aloft Aerial Photography provides the solution to the saying. We say the right image can say/sell it all. We are raising photography to a new level.